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BAM in 23 Languages

BAM A – Z Booklet

The BAM A – Z booklet communicates the concepts of BAM with graphics, single words and short texts. Using the 26 letters of the English alphabet, Tunehag has identified 26 key words and concepts related to BAM. They are accompanied by a brief explanation and a graphic.

Download free pdf –> BAM Booklet, 2nd Edition April 2023

1st edition BAM A-Z Booklet


Know Your BAM A – Z Poster

Download copy:




Wounded Healers in the Marketplace

Comments from various leaders around the globe:

  • Powerful!
  • Important essay.
  • Poignant! Could not stop reading it.
  • Best I’ve read!
  • Appreciated your vulnerability.
  • Current and relevant
  • Perfect marriage of the spiritual and practical
  • Touching, profound and encouraging.


Other articles and papers

Anointed To Bring Glad Tidings

“In this interesting and thought-provoking article Mats Tunehag explores the way in which Business today is Mission. … Business is not a bad word; rather it has the potential to serve the common home and her community, in truth, integrity and justice.”

Health & Wealth Matters: How Do We Respond to the Effects of Coronavirus and Lockdown?

January 2020 EMQ – BAM Global Network

Wealth Creation – A Godly Gift & Command

Business Solutions to Human Trafficking (updated 2017, plain text)

Business Solutions to Human Trafficking (2016; with photos & bio)

Why Bother with Business as Mission (for German, scroll down)

Business As Mission: Building A Movement That Can Bring Lasting Societal Transformation   (also available in Chinese, Spanish, and in Korean if you scroll down)

Business as Mission is bigger than you think

Article on business in a global dictionary of theology

BAM A Threefold Mandate

BAM by 2020

God Means Business

Maria’s Cheesecakes: A Taste of Business for Transformation

The Mission of Business CSR+

Why is Bangladesh poor and Taiwan rich?

Business as Transformation: Jobs with dignity for victims of prostitution and human trafficking

BAM in a Box

Wheaton Declaration on Business as Integral Calling

BAM Manifesto

Lausanne BAM Paper 2004

Lausanne BAM Paper Discussion Guide

Hauge Brief paper on Hans Nielsen Hauge, Christian entrepreneur who reformed Norway

BAM & IBA (Korean BAM Movement): Movements with a rich history and a bright future


Business as Mission material in other languages


بيان خلق الثروة Wealth Creation Manifesto Arabic

BAM A Threfold Mandate العمل كإرسالية

God Means Business Arabic ألله

The Mission of Business CSR + أرسالية العمل


Penyembuh dunia kerja (yang terluka dalam perjuangannya)  Wounded Healers in the Marketplace

Manifesto Penciptaan Kekayaan / Kemakmuran (Wealth Creation Manifesto Bahasa Indonesia)

 Doa Santo Patrick / St Patrick’s BAM Prayer – Bahasa

Bisnis Sebagai Misi itu lebih besar dari yang Anda kira (BAM bigger than we think BAHASA)

Business as Mission booklet Bahasa Indonesia


创富宣言 (简体) 拷貝 (Wealth Creation Manifesto – Simplified Chinese)

創富宣言 (正體) 拷貝 (Wealth Creation Manifesto – Traditional Chinese)

BAM is Bigger Than You Think (in traditional Chinese)

BAM is Bigger Than You Think (in simplified Chinese)

Business As Mission – Building A Movement That Can Bring Lasting Societal Transformation (Chinese)

News article BAM presentation in Hong Kong July 2011 Chinese

營商宣教洛桑報告(簡) Lausanne Paper on BAM 2004 in simplified Chinese

營商宣教洛桑報告(繁) Lausanne Paper on BAM (2004) Traditional Chinese

商貿宣教宣言(簡) BAM Manifesto Simplified Chinese

BAM Manifesto (Traditional Chinese)

營商宣教三重任命(簡) BAM Threefold Mandate (Simplified Chinese)

BAM A Threefold Mandate (Traditional Chinese)

營商可以帶出轉化(簡) Business as Transformation (Simplified Chinese)

Business as Transformation (Traditional Chinese)

Why is Bangladesh poor and Taiwan rich (Simplified Chinese)

Why is Bangladesh poor and Taiwan rich (Traditional Chinese)

Maria’s Cheesecakes (Simplified Chinese)

Maria’s Cheesecakes (Traditional Chinese)

二零二零年的營商事工 BAM by 2020 (Traditional Chinese)

人口販賣:藉營商作預防和重建 Human Trafficking Business as Prevention and Restoration JR Tunehag (Traditional Chinese)

營商事工百寶盒 BAM in a Box (Traditional Chinese)


Manifest voor Welvaartschepping / Wealth Creation Manifesto Dutch

I co-authored a book on BAM, published in Dutch November 2015.

For info: http://www.geagort.com/bam/?lang=en&v=0f177369a3b7

To order: http://www.geagort.com/product/business-as-mission/?v=0f177369a3b7


بیانیه تولید درآمد (ایجاد سرمایه) Wealth Creation Manifesto – Farsi

BAM Manifesto Farsi


BAM article Finnish


Manifeste de création de richesse : Wealth Creation Manifesto Français

Business as Mission is bigger than you think / BAM est plus important que vous ne l’imaginez

BAM paper Tunehag 2006 French

Lausanne BAM Paper French


Investment in Christus

Reichtumserzeugungsmanifest : Wealth Creation Manifesto Deutsch

Business as Mission Warum (German version of Why Bother with BAM?)

Business as Mission is bigger than you think / Wie das Unternehmen zur Mission wird: Zwölf Anregungen für Führungskräfte mit einer ganzheitlichen Vision

Business as Mission is bigger than you think / CIW FaktorC 2012 Artikel Tunehag

Business as Mission German (Evelyne Müller-Schnegg)

Intro to BAM German (powerpoint presentation)

BAM Manifesto German


BAM Manifesto Greek

God Means Business Greek

BAM intro in Greek, powerpoint presentation


Wealth Creation Manifesto

BAM Manifesto


 ビジネス宣教宣言 BAM Manifesto Japanese

Wealth Creation Manifesto Japanese


성 패트릭의 BAM 기도문 St.Patrick’s BAM Prayer Korean

Wealth Creation A Godly Gift and Comman 미션인사이트9집-매츠튠학 Korean

Wealth Creation Manifesto (Korean)

BAM 과 IBA: 풍성한 역사와 유망한 미래를 갖고 있는 두 운동 BAM & IBA Movements with a rich history and a bright future (Korean)

BAM The Global Movement Today & Challenges Ahead  Korean

Business as Mission – Building a Movement That Can Bring Lasting Societal Transformation Korean

로잔 Lausanne BAM Paper Korean

God Means Business Korean

BAM Needs and Gaps Korean

From Church Planting Success to Genocide Korean

BAM in a Box Korean

Global Shortfall: 1.8 billion jobs Korean

BAM by 2020 Korean

Africa: From the Hopeless Continent to Lion Economies Korean

There is no Pyramid in God’s work. Article from Christianity Daily News

Business as Mission is bigger than you think Korean 


Wealth Creation Manifesto MONGOLIAN



BAM Manifesto Polish: Biznesjako Misja – manifest


St Patrick BAM Prayer Portuguese

Deus se Interessa por Negocios God Means Business Portuguese

Manifesto Sobre a Criação de Riqueza Wealth Creation Manifesto – Portuguese

BookletBAM – Mats Tunehag BAM is bigger than you think Portuguese

Lausanne BAM Paper 2004 Missão Empresarial Portuguese

BAM by 2020 Portuguese

BAM Manifesto Portugese

Empregoeempresariado Portuguese

Video: Business as Mission presentation in Curitiba, Brazil October 2013

Powerpoint presentations, Valorem Congress, Vitoria Sep 2016:


Manifestul Afacerea ca misiune BAM Manifesto

Manifestul pentru crearea de bogatie Wealth Creation Manifesto


New: Молитва Св. Патрика для БКМ  St Patrick’s BAM Prayer Russian

NEW!  Wealth Creation Manifesto Russian Манифест «Создание материальных благ и библейская перспектива»

BAM Booklet Russian Oct 2015 version   Business as Mission is bigger than you think

BAM Manifesto Russian

Business as Mission (Russian, January 2013)

Business As Mission 2002 Russian

Momentum article Russian

WEA article Russian


NEW: Manifiesto de creación de riqueza Wealth Creation Manifesto Espanol

Los Negocios como Misión es más grande de lo que crees (Business as Mission is bigger than you think. Spanish)

BAM Manifiesto Spanish

A_Dios_Le_Importan_Los_negocios / God Means Business (Spanish)

Combatiendo el negocio del comercio sexual con negocios como misión

BAM y Trafico Humano Informe  BAM & Human Trafficking. Report from Global BAM Think Tank

BAM Building A Movement That Can Bring Lasting Societal Transformation Spanish Nov 2013

BAM Paper 2006 Spanish

Introduccion BAM Spanish

BAM in a Box Spanish

Audio files in English <–> Spanish:

Two presentations in English translated into Spanish

Los negocios como misión 1 / Business as Mission part 1
Los negocios como misión 2 / Business as Mission part 2

Uppsats: Business as Mission – rättvisa och mänsklig värdighet

Arbete och företagande i ett bibliskt perspektiv

En introduktion till företagande som mission

Fader Ben ger tusentals arbetslösa jobb

Företag för kvinnors frihet

Företagande lyfter Indien

En lyckad ost som blev turkish delight

Företagande som gudomligt uppdrag


BAM Manifesto Turkish

Wealth Creation Manifesto – Turkce


BAM Manifesto

Wealth Creation Manifesto


God Means Business! Vietnamese

The Mission of Business: CSR+ Vietnamese

BAM: A Threefold Mandate Vietnamese

BAM Manifesto Vietnamese

Can you mix God and business? Vietnemese Bạn có thể hòa lẫn Đức Chúa Trời với Kinh doanh

From church planing success to genocide Vietnamese

Maria’s Cheesecakes: A Taste of Business for Transformation Vietnamese HƯƠNG VỊ CỦA SỰ CHUYÊN ĐỔI KINH DOANH

Maria’s Cheesecakes: A Taste of Business for Transformation Vietnamese

Business as Transformation: Jobs with dignity for victims of prostitution and human trafficking Vietnamese KINH DOANH NHƯ MỘT SỰ CHUYỂN ĐỔI

Why is Bangladesh poor and Taiwan rich

BAM by 2020 Vietnamese


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