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BAM Reports

1. Biblical Foundations for Business as Mission

In Spanish: Fundamentos Biblicos Para Negocios Como Mision 

2. Business as Mission & the End of Poverty

3. Business as Mission in Mongolia

4. Business as Mission and Human TraffickingCombating the Business of the Slave Trade with BAM

In Spanish: BAM y Trafico Humano Informe Una adquisición del negocio: Combatiendo el negocio del comercio sexual con negocios como misión

5. BAM in a Box : Business as Mission Franchising: Replicating Proven Businesses

6. BAM: A Viking Challenge. Nordic Regional Group Report

7. Business as Mission in Iran: Laboring in the Dark

8. A Dangerous Calling? The Challenge of Business as Mission in Hostile Environments

9. Business as Mission in Haiti

10. Business as Mission and Church Planting

11. Business as Mission in and from China

12. Measuring the Impact and Performance of BAM Businesses

13. Scholars Needed: The Current State of Business as Mission Research

14. Missional Business from Singapore

15. Funding is Vital to Business as Mission Success and Sustainability

16. BAM Incubation – Planting, Watering Growing: God’s Creative Design

17. BAM Recruiting, Training & Deployment: Success and Challenges

18. Advocacy and Mobilisation: Marketing, Messaging and Engaging in Business as Mission

19. Mission Agencies: Challenges and Opportunities for Business as Mission


For a complete list of all reports, BAM Global Reports


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