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My father

It is now ten years since my father died. I miss him.

Enclosed below is the note I emailed to friends around the world the day after he died.

I am thankful for my father. Among other things he exemplified what unconditional love means.

I am also very thankful for my mother, who still lives in Malmö. She is a constant source of encouragement.



Friday, 17 May 2002

Dear friend,

My father passed away 16 May, 09:45 am. He has been fighting cancer since the late 80’s. His condition deteriorated significantly in the past 3 – 4 months.

Two days ago, Wednesday night, the doctor and other medical staff saw a turn for the worse and I decided to take the first train the following morning to Malmö, about six hours south of Stockholm.

Yesterday, while on the train, my mother called on my mobile: “Now it’s over”. I took a pen and paper* and jotted down a few words that came to my mind about my father:

  • Laughter
  • Warmth
  • Passion
  • Humour
  • Personal
  • Private
  • Visionary
  • Pioneer
  • Articulate Communicator

On arrival the nurse and I dressed up my father. My mum and I spent time talking, praying and crying.

My father was a pastor all his life and saw remarkable changes and growth in various churches around the country.

The funeral is tentatively planned for June 4.

Glory to God for his goodness – now my father has no more pain – he enjoys the fullness of life in the immediate presence of God.

Mats Tunehag


* I wrote these things on an envelope, see below.

9 Responses to “My father”

  1. Sherrill Babb says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Mats. My father passed away one year ago and I still miss him. This was an encouraging note for me, remembering my dad as he went to be with our Lord.

  2. Galina Zhanbekova says:

    I can repeat after Mats: now my father has no more pain. My dad has passed away last November. And I believe that God’s mercy rejoices against judgment.

  3. K. Rajendran says:

    My empathies are with you. I am glad you remember your father in positive ways. I am happy that he passed on some of his qualities and vision in you. Praise God.
    I miss my father also. He passed away 15 years back. Blessings and prayers.

  4. Brian o'Connell says:

    Hey Mats.
    This post makes me want to track down the message I was privileged to speak at my father’ss memorial service 8+ year ago. Both my mom and dad passed away on American Thanksgiving weekend (Late November), so that holiday has taken on an even more significant place in my life. Blessings on you, bro.

  5. Lars M says:

    Tack Mats!
    Jag har ljusa minnen av din pappa när jag kom till tro i mitten på 60-talet. Vi åkte många ggr in till Korskyrkan för att lyssna på hans levande förkunnelse. Jag minns hur han grät av gripenhet medan han predikade.

  6. Mostafa Fahool says:

    I appreciate Mats for sharing his note. It was amazing feeling of enjoyment when you believed your beloved person joined God immediately and eternally. I don’t know about my father who was a muslim. Mats’s note reminded me the day when I heard about my father’s death while I could not go to Iran for the funeral because of my conversion to Christianity and prosecution. That time, I lived in Bishkek. However I miss my father.

  7. Thanks for sharing, Mats. I also paid tribute to my father when he died in 2004. You should be able to read it by clicking on my name.

  8. Russ Simons says:


    My dad died 2 months ago. He began a church planting movement in the Philippines which has grown to 650 churches today. He was a missionary statesman who was loved by Filipinos and called “dad” by hundreds of them. I have many “brothers and sisters”! But I miss him desperately. He was always in my corner and his last lucid and powerful conversation was by phone with me for 30 minutes while I was in Turkey and he in America, just 4 days before he died. I returned home promptly and was with him at his bedside with my 3 siblings as he closed the door on this world and stepped into the glorious and resplendant presence of the Lord he loved and served. I MISS HIM! Thanks, brother Mats, for the opportunity to say so.

  9. Christophe Gammeddehewa says:

    I had the Joy of knowing your Father. The very first time I meet him was in a camp meeting in Örebro and it was My first weeks and months in Sweden. At that time not many immigrants in Swden, 1979. Your Father show me and he came and talk to me and invite to the Church. That is how I came contact With the Korskyrkan in Örebro. He has been the pastor, friend and brother since then. May he rest in Peace untill we see again.

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