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Most of us will spend the bulk of our lives working. Paid or unpaid is not the issue. We may work as an employee in an office or work in our garden or work with the kids on their homework.

But most of us have never heard a sermon on work. What is work? What is a Biblical perspective on work?

God created cabbage, and the Koreans used that to create kimchi. Was that right? Spiritual? Just mundane matters? How did God view the product line of his work? How should we view kimchi-making?

Daniel and his three friends worked for the Nebuchadnezzar administration. Would it have been better – and more spiritual – if they had become rabbis and done “synagogue planting”?

Do pastors really polish their halos when they go to the bathroom in the morning? Is it more God pleasing to be a missionary than a business person? Is it more spiritual to evangelize than to mop the floor?

Why do we think and act “Pyramid of Christ”, when the Bible talks about the Body of Christ?  What is “full time ministry”?

I dealt with these and similar issues in a sermon at Sarang Community Church, a Korean American mega church in Los Angeles on February 12. The title for the sermon was: God is at work and he loves it!

Click here to watch the 35 minute video clip –> God is at work and He loves it!


One Response to “Was it right for God to create cabbage and for the Koreans to make kimchi?”

  1. doreenchae says:

    Dear, Mats
    I’ve just got back from China and Korea Trip.
    Many thanks for this message of Sarang church in LA.
    But I can not open the video now.
    Did Mr. Cho Sam with you?
    If this church elders’ has accepted this “Bam concept”
    It will be a great chance to prepare the BAM conference of west America.
    Again ,Thank you very much indeed for your serving of Korean Diaspora church.
    from Brooklyn N.Y.

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