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9 million people live in Sweden. Approximately 300 000 Swedes go hunting every year and they shoot 100 000 moose.

Moose hunters need to know what a moose looks like. If they don’t know, you certainly don’t want to be around during hunting season. Your success as a hunter depends on knowing your target.

One can only succeed – or fail – in relationship to a target, a defined purpose, specific objectives.

The same applies to Business as Mission, BAM, initiatives. We can only determine success or failures based on our purpose, objectives and focus. So what is the purpose of BAM, its objectives and focus?

Last year I gave a short presentation at the international Lausanne Congress in Cape Town on this topic. Watch this ten minute video clip to learn more.

Mats Tunehag examines what factors determine the success or failure of business as mission. He argues that it’s important to remember our objectives and refuse to compromise on professionalism, excellence and integrity.


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