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Business as Mission is a relatively new term. But the concept is not, nor is the practice. But we can witness a renewed understanding of Biblical concepts of work and business. I have worked across the globe with these issues for about 17 years. The momentum is growing, especially in the non-Western world. Please read […]

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There are an increasing number of publications (books, articles, papers) on Business as Mission, BAM. Many are authored by Westerners from a Western perspective and these contributions are good and helpful. But it is not a fair reflection of the global BAM movement, since probably most practitioners and many thought leaders are non-Westerners or run […]

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Godly Wealth Creation

The Old Testament lays down in Exodus the Ten Commandments as given to Moses, the injunction in Leviticus to love our neighbour as ourselves and generally the importance of observing a strict code of law. The New Testament is a record of the Incarnation, the teachings of Christ and the establishment of the Kingdom of […]

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