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I was recently in Indonesia and received a MacBook Pro. I posted the following text and photo on Facebook: Semarang, Indonesia: I’ve changed religion: I now have a MacBook Pro and must pay due respect to appropriate quasi-religious symbols

Comments came in from all over the world – samples:

  • Finland: Welcome to the MacBook Pro sect !
  • Sweden: I’ll show you the secret handshake when you get home. 😉
  • Denmark: In the picture, are you reciting the confession of the original sin of biting that chunk off the Apple, or the Confession of MacFaith?
  • Germany: I just quote Genesis: For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.
  • USA: Finally you have seen the light!
  • Thailand: Welcome to the world of Mac!
  • USA: Unlike, unlike…
  • Greece: Oh no…will pray for you…
  • USA: You went to the dark side? Ohh noooo…. 🙂
  • China: We have 4 of those people in our family…haha
  • Panama: oh Mats Tunehag, you are crazy…
  • Hong Kong: Congra to become a MAD man!
  • Sweden: Another backslider. I’m sad (former Dell and HP employee)

We can joke about PC vs. Mac and it can be fun.

But changing religions is not a laughing matter in many parts of the world. In Islam there is no general provision of Muslims leaving Islam. Those who do may face hardships in various ways: No jobs, no higher education, and no prospect of marriage. But they also face dangers of persecution, arrest, imprisonment and even death. This is a fact not only in Muslim dominated countries but also in countries like Sweden, Germany and UK.

Muslims also deserve the fundamental human right to choose and change religion. This is also a problem in other cultures and countries, like in Orissa, India. But the biggest lack of religious freedom exists in countries and areas (even in the West) dominated by Islam and where sharia is applied.

We are unfortunately very far away from the day when we can have a light and witty conversation on Facebook about leaving Islam for Christian faith.

But in the meantime I will gladly use my MacBook Pro to fight for religious freedom for all.

2 Responses to “I have changed religion”

  1. Galina Zhanbekova says:

    And what about changing a religion of a country? From a secular state to Islam, for example? Kazakhstan is sliding down…. http://en.tengrinews.kz/politics_sub/10367

  2. Alex Kim says:

    Wow, I thought you really changed the religion. Gee, you got me there. 🙂