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God is in prison

Christmas is the ultimate reminder of vulnerability
God entrusted himself to fallible people
Helpless and totally dependent as a newborn
This incarnational mystery is expressed by Thomas Merton:

“What is holy in our midst has something to do with the odor of dung on a stable in Bethlehem, the fruity taste of wine on the table at Cana, and the smell of dried blood on the cross at Golgatha.”

Thus God is on the plane and in the rice field
He is in prison and in Carlton Club
God is in the brothel and in St Clara church
He is in the slums of Calcutta and in the CBD in Sydney

He is always Immanuel – God with us

One Response to “God is in prison”

  1. Ken Leahy says:

    I was struck as I was reading your blog that Jesus was, as a child a political refugee, who had to taking out of his home country to protect his life. It reinforced your dual though of God with us even in the most vulnerable places. I have been thinking about the plight of refugees,in number and desperation, with all that is going on the the ME. So thanks for sharing that perspective this morning. The Lord used it to stir my heart and mind.