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We are glad to announce the launch of the 2nd global think tank on Business as Mission, BAM.

I initiated and co-led the 1st global think tank on BAM, 2002 – 2004, which culminated at the Lausanne Forum in Thailand. This think tank produced the Lausanne Paper on Business as Mission. Some other major outcomes:

  • It helped to clarify and define what BAM is – and isn’t.
  • It catalyzed BAM initiatives all over the world.
  • It created a global network of BAM practitioners and thought leaders.

This is confirmed by Doug Seebeck, President of Partners Worldwide, an organization which have trained and equipped hundreds of BAMers around the world: “The original Lausanne paper on Business as Mission from 2004 has been foundational to the engagement of business people in missions around the globe.”

Neal Johnson, Ph.D., attorney, banker, educator, business consultant and entrepreneur, and the author of “Business as Mission: A Comprehensive Guide to Theory and Practice” states that the 1st BAM think tank not “only produced a paper that was seminal for the movement, but also stimulated far-reaching insights for BAM advocates and practitioners into the movement’s “next steps” and fostered an invaluable, global network among people with the same passion for Christ in the marketplace.

(For a full of list of endorsements of the BAM Think Tank click here)

We are now launching the 2nd Global Think Tank on Business as Mission, which will open up an unprecedented opportunity for networking and collaboration for those involved in business as mission around the world.

This new Business as Mission Think Tank is working in collaboration with both the World Evangelical Alliance and The Lausanne Movement, as well as partnering with many other companies, organizations and networks.

The Chairman of Lausanne, Ram Gidoomal, who is a successful entrepreneur based in the UK, recommends the 2nd BAM think thank: One of the most exciting movements in the Church today is the engagement of Christians in the business world. The Business as Mission movement is taking the lead in creating a global network of evangelicals strategically involved in biblical transformation of people and societies through business.”

The World Evangelical Alliance is also a major global network, representing more than 500 million Christians worldwide. Its leader, Dr. Geoff Tunnicliffe, writes: “The 2nd Global BAM Think Tank is going to be a significant gathering of like-minded followers of Jesus who are focused on Kingdom impact. I would urge you to participate in this important event.”

Groups will be collaborating in more than a dozen regional and national clusters, in many different languages. The think tank is also organizing 16 different global working groups focusing on various Business as Mission topics and issues. (For a list of both regional and issue related working groups, click here)

This work will culminate with the Global Congress on Business as Mission, April 25-28, 2013, a unique opportunity for networking and sharing outcomes.

One year, one goal: To invigorate the business mission movement for its vital involvement in God’s mission to the world.

To learn more and explore ways of participating, please see www.BAMthinktank.org


Mats Tunehag & Jo Plummer | Chairing Team

4 Responses to “Launch: Global Think Tank on Business as Mission”

  1. jiyoung rhee says:

    Nice. 2nd phase of BAM.
    Global Think Tank – you have my support.
    We have a nice group here to sharpen the skills in BAM practise and make them relavant to everyday workers in marketplace.

    have you heard of ‘rep’? we are part of the team too.
    i believe you and Brett should meet.
    let me know if /when you are passing through nothern Calif.
    you are always welcome at my place. jiyoung rhee 408-313-1527

  2. Dear Mats, I want to join this group as a member if possible.
    Do you know about Elder Bill Hwang / Tiger Asia foundation. He is the founder/ceo.
    May be you know him well. If not, please let know what to do for your mission.
    He is a good partner of Tim Keller”the Redeemer Church”.
    Last night, I went to the Redeemer church for “work & faith ” meeting.
    It was a great chance for me as you know me. “hh h.
    May God lead us to work together for BAM someday.
    from New York
    doreen chae.

  3. al caperna says:

    I also believe this is the time and you have picked the place. As we work around the world the marketplace movement continues to take shape and purpose. I beleive as a group the movement now needs some clear words to keep our north star.
    I am supportive of this event and will do what i can to promote and participate.

  4. Daniel Devadatta says:

    In Bangalore, India, we are working towards starting a group of business professionals & thought leaders shortly. If successful we could multiple it in the city. Our goal is to see ways we can ALSO connect with the the global inititiaves & conversations within the Think Tank. Pray that we can get this off the ground this summer…

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