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Pope Benedict XVI spoke in October 2011 on “The History of God’s Goodness from Creation to Salvation”.  He makes a brilliant exposition of Psalm 136. One excerpt will serve as a New Year’s greeting. We need to be reminded about God’s love and faithfulness as shown throughout history, to you and me and many others. God of the past and the present also holds our future. It is all His Story:

“Memory strongly sustains hope. Memory tells us: God exists, God is good, his mercy endures for ever. So it is that memory unfolds, even in the darkest day or time, showing the way towards the future. It represents “great lights” and is our guiding star. We too have good memories of the goodness, of God’s merciful love that endures for ever.

Let me also share some stories and articles about people who inspire me and may also be an encouragement to you for the coming year.

Tom Allen is a good friend who was my host in Rwanda in October. The “Rwanda story” that most people know is limited to the horrific 1994 genocide in which 1 million people were slaughtered in 100 days.  But Tom writes: “The “Rwanda story” I experience every day is one of reconciliation and rebuilding of a nation.”

His life journey is well worth getting a glimpse of: Why I Ditched Corporate Life And Moved To Rwanda

Bridget Adams is another good friend and we met again in Watford, UK a few weeks ago. Her life journey is also fascinating; a physics graduate, started out as a scientist before moving into the hi-tech business-sector, now an Anglican minister. She is also the founder and director of a business incubator and a business training program which have a Christian holistic approach.

You can read about her and two of her colleagues in Christians get down to business


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