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Last blog entry was about my visit to Rwanda. I have had many encouraging and interesting responses from all over the world, and God has used it in wonderful ways. Earlier this week I came back from almost three weeks in the USA, and I leave again for the USA tomorrow morning.

One of the highlights of the US trip was the five days my wife and I spent in Hollywood, Florida; yes, there is a Hollywood in Florida – in between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. I was walking down memory lane. 30 years earlier I studied theology in Hollywood. The College was in a building which was originally a hotel, built in 1926. (Al Capone was a guest.)  In the 60’s it became a College and now it is a hotel again –a beach property, where we booked a room. We had the same view over Atlantic Ocean that I had as a poor student 1981. It was a time of reminiscing, and also realizing yet again that God is good and faithful.

Those were the days, memorizing at least 5 – 10 Bible verses every week – from King James version. And we had a test later in the term when we had to know them all. I had very little money and I tried to manage on a dollar a day. I got two perfect jobs at the school: in the kitchen – free lunch, and in the library – could do homework and write papers and receive a small salary at the same time.

A friend and I drove around the US during the summer. It was an old car, with no air condition. We often drove through the nights to save time and money on lodging.

The College had a very conservative theology, to say the least. But I balanced that by studying liberal theology at university in Sweden later. So I landed in some kind of middle of the road. But I have also learnt through the years of international travel that the church is much bigger than we often think.

A few other highlights from the earlier US trip:

I spoke at a Korean American Business as Mission Consultation in New York. The first part gathered church leaders, including all the senior pastors of Korean American churches in New York and New Jersey, even from the mega churches. The 2nd part of the Consultation was focused on young urban professionals. And I also managed to watch the New York Marathon. Personally, I run away from exercise. 🙂

My wife was doing some work in D.C. at the same time but we met up in Birmingham, Alabama where we had several very constructive meetings with business leaders. Then we drove to Atlanta for a meeting with a large Christian foundation, which has given way 3 billion dollars to charitable causes. We had a great conversation on Business as Mission and the world.

Anyway, tomorrow – the Lord willing – I will fly Stockholm – Chicago – Los Angeles. I will speak at a business congress, and also meet some friends and colleagues and work on issues and initiatives with regards to the global Business as Mission movement.

There will be a few more international trips before Christmas. And also a few more blog entries.


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