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Tuesday October 18 is the European day highlighting the issue of human trafficking – modern day slavery. It is a global tragedy and it affects millions of people.

A few facts:

  • An estimated 120,000 women and children are trafficked into Western Europe each year; 90% of victims trafficked into European Union member states end up in the sex industry.
  • Eastern Europe has been called a ‘frontier of failure in the battle against human trafficking’.
  • It is not migrant labor or exploited labor in general. It is people who are abused and who are not free to leave.

In a previous blog entry I wrote about this big and organized crime – How to tackle organized crime. We need to create critical mass of people and organizations to fight this evil and to help the victims. The European Freedom Network (EFN) is such a response.

EFN just launched its website: European Freedom Network

They have a prayer guide which I encourage you to read, use and share.

Why should we support and join EFN? Strategic alliances and networks are important for many reasons. Let me give you some food for thought, some teasers:

  • An African proverb says: if you want to walk fast – walk alone. If you want to walk far – walk together.
  • Do we want to be a sparkler or a light house? One is short lived; one is there for the long haul. One is easy to start; the other one takes more joint efforts and organization. One is sparkling fun for a brief moment; one is a guiding light, saving many year after year.
  • Why are airlines creating strategic alliances? They can serve more people, give better services, and fly more people to more destinations.
  • What are we as Christians to do with Christ’s prayer about visible and practical unity?


PS: My wife Jennifer is a part of the leadership of EFN. Click here for her blog. If you want to receive her newsletter, please send her an email: jenroemhildt@gmail.com

Jennifer’s latest newsletter is presenting unique opportunities for people to support strategic anti-trafficking initiatives.

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