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Underlying values often surface in legislation. The value of life is secondary or tertiary in California, while skin health seemingly is of primary value.

In California minors can have an abortion without the knowledge or consent of parents.  California has rejected three times efforts to allow parents to be notified when a minor girl is considering an abortion.

But a new law prohibits teens to use tanning beds. Age limit is now 18 years. It used to be that 14 – 18 year olds could get this kind of tan with the parents’ approval. But no more! According to the Governor’s office the legislation was designed to “improve the health and well-being of Californians”.

The same legislators often use the hollow argument that women – and even teenage girls – have the “right to their own body” and thus abortion. The new law means that teens don’t have the right to their own body for tanning purposes, but they do for abortion.

So tanning beds are potentially harmful for teens, and are thus now banned for this age group. Abortion on the other hand, is seen as relatively harmless for teens. No consideration of abortion syndrome – or the unborn.

Skin is more important than life. Can a society with such values prosper, or even survive?

One Response to “California bans tanning beds for teens, abortions still ‘harmless’”

  1. Adel says:

    Wow… how far we’ve gone. A darkened mind, without the light of God. Of course, there is no way to see things otherwise.

    But I should not have mentioned God, since most will quickly dismiss this thought as coming from a Jesus freak and thus not worth considering.

    Where is the consistence in “the right to their own” body? How do we know when to apply it or not? How can we know?

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