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A Wounded Healer

I have a passion for the least, lost, and the lowliest – with a special focus in the Arab world and Asia.

Sometimes I feel at home everywhere, and sometimes I feel at home no-where.

I have lived and worked in half the countries of the world, lived in fear at home because of severe threats against my family.

I’ve been a part of starting and developing the modern global Business as Mission movement, and for many years waking up every morning not knowing if one of my loved ones survived the night.

I’ve worked internationally all my life, started in traditional mission. The last thing I could imagine getting involved in was business – BORING – God surprises.

I have started and developed 30 or so international partnerships, and suffered through dysfunctions, hurts and breakdowns in my own organization and family.

I have rejoiced in fighting and winning a religious freedom case (Supreme Court in Sweden) which had good global legal impact and setting a precedent, and I went through a severe depression where life and most things were meaningless; I sometimes cried days on end.

I started a national newspaper in Sweden which has had an impact on public opinion and the parliament; I have been fighting the Swedish police that beat up my youngest daughter.

I’ve been mugged by the police in Central Asia, and harassed and interrogated at night by police in China, I was invited by a Congressman in the US to address a dozen of ambassadors and diplomats from Central Asia and share about Business as Mission.

So who am I? May I be audacious and use a term from Henri Nouwen: I am a wounded healer. I have a passion for the least, the lost and the lowliest – and they may be unreached, persecuted, trafficking victims, unemployed – especially in Asia and the Arab world.

Life has elements of joy and pain, laughter and tears, successes and failures. And I am a wounded healer…

14 Responses to “A Wounded Healer”

  1. tony says:

    By HIS stripes we are healed…..He allows His most precious to bear for His glory alone. Salute your work and praise God for your torchbearing ministry…..in anticipation of you hearing from Him well done you good and faithful….!

  2. brad says:

    brother Mats, very personal, very appropriate, very biblical, very positive; thanks for the heart and mind.

  3. Jo says:

    Great post Mats, one of your best! I’m really glad to be working with you for a season once more!

  4. Sara says:

    You are a follower of Jesus Christ, who leads you to the cross where he has gone, and gives you the resurrection that is his to give. You are destined for his glory, through the vale of tears, and you model for us all radical trust in God’s radical providence, which leads to radical obedience and freedom to be you (cf. Luke 9: 18-22).

    Sara Singleton

  5. Hans Jansson says:

    Bless you, Mats! We are all, more or less, wounded healers. But we keep up the good work.


  6. Savio Carvalho says:

    Thanks Mats. Very poignant and honest article. it was great listening to you in Hyderabad at the Called2Business mission. The Lord Bless you and Keep you. May He make His face shine upon you and give you His joy and peace. Savio

  7. Adele says:

    Amy Carmichael once wrote a poem that speaks perfectly to this. She asks, “Can he have followed far — who has no wound? No scar?” (Poem below.)
    May God continue to use you and Jennifer powerfully for His Kingdom purposes as you surrender your lives and your scars to him.

    Jesus speaks to us:

    Have you no scar? No hidden scar on foot, or side, or hand?
    I hear you sung as mighty in the land.
    I hear them hail your bright ascendant star.
    Have you no scar?
    Have you no wound?

    Yet, I was wounded by the archers, spent,
    leaned me against the tree to die,
    and rent — by ravenous beasts that encompassed me
    I swooned.
    Have you no wound?
    No wound? No scar?

    Yes, as the master shall the servant be,
    and pierced are the feet that follow Me,
    but yours are whole.
    Can he have followed far — who has no wound? No scar?
    Can she have followed far — who has no wound? No scar?

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  9. Karen says:

    Dear Mats, the first time we met in Oklahoma I cried and cried as God moved my heart. As I read you post I am again crying as I hear you heart and your honest words of struggle ring so true. Thank you so much for sharing and bringing hope to those of us who are struggling with something so big in our hearts that we don’t see how it will ever happen. Prayers for you and your precious family. God’s blessings and protection as you continue to champion those who have no voice. Thank you God for your wounded healer!

  10. BarDee says:

    Dear Mats,
    I’m so thankful I discovered your story and your BAM vision today. I believe you and your mission are completely in line with the prophetic word and vision God has given me in revolutionizing commerce; and eradicating slave and inhumane labor by replacing it with generous wages in nurturing environments, all while sharing the transformational love and hope of Jesus Christ (i.e. holistic fair trade). I look forward to our paths crossing one day, and to collaborating with you Mats. God bless you and your beautiful family always. In Him, BarDee

    P.S. my website is not complete; however you’ll see the main vision from what’s there.

  11. Dan Strämberg says:


  12. Dan Strömberg says:

    Surname: Strömberg

  13. Johnson says:

    Dear Mats,

    I have no words to appreciate your humble acknowledgement of the hardship and toil that no one notices.It reminds me that Business as Mission is also not a cake walk.It has the same spiritual battle in the work place.
    When you come to India on any conferences ,kindly let me know to meet you.