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1. BAM: The Movement

Key note address at the Global BAM Congress in Thailand in April 2013

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2. Brief introduction to BAM

Business as Missions is doing like Jesus who constantly and consistently met the needs of the people who came to Him, not only spiritually but also socially, economically and legally. Job creation is one of the greatest global needs, with a global shortage of at least 1.8 billion jobs. We can address many social problems through creating jobs with dignity, and thus demonstrating the Kingdom of God.

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From panel discussion at GoForth Conference in Singapore in the summer of 2014


3. I gave a lecture at Samford University dealing with…

  • Martin Luther and the rediscovery of BAM.
  • Chocolate for Jesus: Cadbury.
  • Johan Sebastian Bach and BAM.
  • The potential danger of micro businesses.
  • …and a few other things…

Click here for the video, my presentation starts 12 minutes in to the video clip. (from Aug 2013)


4. Business as Mission is not doing business with a touch of “churchianity’

This interview was done at the BAM Trade Fair in Thailand in 2013. I deals with issues like Business as Justice, Human Dignity, Creation Care, Great Commission, and True Religion. 9 minutes long.

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5. BAM = People, Purpose, Planet, Profit

Business is not a cover-up for missions, but a God-glorifying instrument for the holistic transformation of societies. Business as mission is also a key strategy in serving the unreached, the poor, the unemployed, and victims of trafficking. Presentation at Lausanne Global Leadership Forum in India, June 2013.

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6. BAM – successes and failures

Tunehag examines what factors determine the success or failure of business as mission. He argues that it’s important to remember our objective and refuse to compromise on professionalism, excellence and integrity. Presentation at Lausanne Global Congress in Cape Town, S Africa in Oct 2010.

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7. God is at work and he loves it!

Is it more God pleasing to be a missionary than a business person? Is it more spiritual to evangelize than to mop the floor? Why do we think and act “Pyramid of Christ”, when the Bible talks about the Body of Christ?  What is“full time ministry”?  I dealt with these and similar issues in a sermon in Sarang Community Church Los Angeles, Feb 2012.

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8. Business, Human Dignity and Transformation

A TED talk given at a pre-meeting of the European Economic Summit, which will be held in September 2014. The presentation has a focus on Europe and the need to restore human dignity and create jobs in Europe. This talk was given in Amsterdam in November 2013. See also European Economic Summit

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9. Business as Mission: Fighting Corruption & Poverty

A 23 minute presentation, given at a G20 related event (Exposed Campaign), in Brisbane, Australia in November 2014

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Click here for powerpoint presentation BAM & Corruption Brisbane Nov 2014


10. Deus está trabalhando – e ele gosta! / God is at work and He loves it!

A sermon in Curitiba, Brazil in OCtober 2013. I speak in English, translated into Portuguese. The presentation deals with Daniel and “civil service as mission”, what Martin Luther said about work, the “Pyramid of Christ” and also introduces present day examples of BAM around the world.

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Powerpoint in Portuguese Deus está trabalhando – e ele gosta!

Powerpoint en English God is at work and He loves it Curitiba Brazil Oct 2013


11. Missional Business Metric

Part one of my lecture in Singapore in March 2015: Missional Business Metric: How can we have and evaluate a positive impact on multiple bottom-lines for multiple stakeholders?

Click here for video part I

Click here for video part II

Click here for powerpoint presentation Singapore CGM March 2015


12. Wall Street vs. BAM Street

The Wall Street model is too limited; we need a more broad and impactful BAM Street concept. Check this short video, less than 2 minutes: Wall Street vs. BAM Street


13. Do Business Like Bach!

Do business like Bach! Business is an instrument which we shall fine-tune to serve people and glorify God. Check this short video, 79 seconds: Do Business Like Bach!


14. Transformation Through Business as Mission

Half hour presentation done at the BAM China Summit in Hong Kong in May 2014.

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15. Hate Speech vs. Freedom of Speech

A 7 minute presentation which will introduce the basic concepts, and describe the dangerous flaw of hate speech laws. (Madrid, Spain 2012)

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