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There are different opinions, and rightly so, about the European Union. But it has been instrumental in achieving an unprecedented time of relative peace on a continent that has a long and tragic history of many devastating wars.

Every year the Schuman Centre for European Studies organizes a State of Europe Forum. It brings together various leaders and dignitaries, “promoting a dialogue on Europe today in the light of the vision of the ‘Father of Europe’ for a community of peoples deeply rooted in Christian values” of human dignity, solidarity, equality and freedom.

The event is supported by the European Parliament and it will be held in Malta, May 7 – 8. Malta presently holds the Presidency of the European Union.

Today Europe is facing challenges like the huge streams of migrants and refugees, Brexit, as well as several elections with agendas that may bring about major shifts. While we engage in the public arena to serve the peoples and nations of Europe, we must also pray for Europe.

My wife will do a seminar on Human Trafficking, and I have been asked to lead in a prayer after the final address (given by the President of Malta). I have written a Prayer for Europe, adapted from a prayer by St. Patrick. (Different from the BAM prayer – see previous blog post )

Please pray for Europe, and feel free to use the prayer enclosed below.

It is also available as a pdf file: St Patrick’s Prayer for Europe.


Prayer for Europe

Every year on March 17, many people around the globe celebrate St. Patrick. He was a human trafficking victim in the 5th century, who became a missionary to the people and land (Ireland) where he was a slave. Here’s a well-known prayer by St. Patrick, slightly revised and customized to be a prayer for Europe:

Christ with us, as we pray and work for Europe

Christ before us, our hope is in Him

Christ behind us, for history is His story

Christ in us; a guiding light for the nations

Christ beneath us; He is the foundation

Christ above us, as we seek justice and mercy

Christ on our right, Christ on our left, He is Lord of the marketplace and the public square

Christ when we lie down, and rest from our work

Christ when we sit down, and do our work

Christ when we arise, enthusiastic or weary

Christ in the heart of every person who thinks of us, and our vision

Christ in the mouth of everyone who speaks of us, and our work

Christ in every eye that sees us, young and old, rich and poor, countrymen and foreigners

Christ in every ear that hears us, speak about hope for Europe

Glory be to God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, forever and ever. Amen!

3 Responses to “The State of Europe”

  1. Micael H says:

    Very good! We pray for the meeting in Malta and ask God’s blessing as you lead the prayer in this event!

  2. Larry says:

    Thanks Mats – I pray God will continue to use you in amazing ways – in Malta and beyond.

  3. Antonia van der Meer says:

    Mats, I pray with you for this important gathering and for many Europeans to rediscover the values of our Christian faith and heritage.

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